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Howard County Public Schools Superintendent Michael Martirano Receives Two Career Awards

Dr. Michael Martirano, Howard County Public Schools Superintendent, was recently named the recipient of two separate awards from the UMD and NCCF.


PRESS RELEASE: Howard County Public School System's Superintendent, Michael J. Martirano, was recently honored with two special awards for his long-time, exemplary service in education.

Dr. Michael J. Martirano, a long-time Maryland educator, has been serving as superintendent of Howard County Public Schools since 2017.

Dr. Martirano was awarded with the 2023 Outstanding Alumni Award, given by the University of Maryland’s College of Education Alumni. The UMD College of Education's website states that this award is given to a nominee "who has demonstrated excellence through leadership and innovation succeeding their graduation from the College of Education. This award is meant to recognize those who have become pillars in their respective field/area, be it through service, entrepreneurship or academic scholarship."

The College of Education’s Alumni Network also shared with Dr. Martirano that he was being “recognized as an individual who has led or inspired change, risen to esteemed positions, and has served the community exceptionally.”

Dr. Martirano will be recognized in the 2023 issue of Endeavors Alumni Magazine.

Dr. Martirano was also recently honored by the National Center for Children and Families, who presented him with the Tom Cookerly Exceptional School Superintendent Leadership Award.

“Dr. Martirano places students, particularly those living in poverty and experiencing other hardships, at the heart of all his decisions,” said Dr. Sheryl Brissett Chapman, executive director for The National Center for Children and Families. “He unquestionably understands NCCF’s mission to level the playing field for all children in our schools by meeting children where they are, and removing barriers based on their individual needs. His willingness to tell his own story of growing up in poverty, entering foster care, and finding education as an opportunity to change his circumstances allows him to connect and empathize with his students in a way that so many in such a position have overlooked, which is why we are so delighted to present him with the 2023 Tom Cookerly Exceptional School Superintendent Leadership Award.”

Sources: Patch and HCCPS



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