Organized September 21, 1954 to provide leadership for quality education in the State of Maryland by addressing educational issues with a unified voice.

Members consists of the 24 superintendents representing each of  the local agencies in the State of Maryland.

The purpose of this association is to actively take part in the legislative process at the State Board, General Assembly and Congressional levels.  To promote professional growth opportunities for superintendents.  To provide a networking mechanism to consider mutual concerns.  To provide a vehicle for collaboration with other organizations.  To provide an atmosphere for collegial support.  To project a vision for the future of public education.

Executive Committee 2017 - 2018
(Terms begins 5-4-2017)

President Dr. D'Ette W. Devine
President Elect Dr. Kevin M. Maxwell
Secretary Dr. Daniel D. Curry
Treasurer Mr. Chris Hartlove
AASA Governing Board Representative  
Legislative Committee Chair Dr. Karen M. Couch
Executive Director Renee McGuirk Spence
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