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PSSAM'S Aspiring Superintendents Academy Featured on NPR's Marketplace Podcast


NPR's Marketplace, a daily podcast highlighting the economic context of current national, state, and local issues, released a segment featuring PSSAM's Aspiring Superintendents Academy.

The episode, featuring the voices of Dr. Patty Saelens (Superintendent, Queen Anne's Co.), Mr. David Bromwell (Superintendent, Dorchester Co.) and Mary Pat Fannon (Executive Director, PSSAM), highlights the need for a pipeline of support and professional development of superintendents to fill vacant roles.

The episode highlights a mass exodus of superintendents in the United States, citing a study that found that over 30% of superintendents have left the role in the last three years amid the changing educational and political landscape. The article states that "in Maryland, turnover is indicative of what’s happening on a national scale, with about a third of the state’s 24 superintendent positions up for grabs last year."

But the episode highlights PSSAM's role in a solution to help feed the pipeline of future superintendents:

"Now, the Public Schools Superintendents’ Association of Maryland, a membership organization, is putting on its first-ever aspiring superintendent academy, where about 16 educators from around the state gather to learn during the course of the school year. Members of this group have experience working as teachers, principals and even assistant superintendents. But the lead role has new challenges, like working with school board members who may be upset about curriculum choices or individual teachers."



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