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SB 394 State Board of Education - Membership - School Principal

BILL: SB 394

TITLE: State Board of Education - Membership - School Principal

DATE: March 1, 2023


COMMITTEE: Education, Energy, and the Environment

CONTACT: Mary Pat Fannon, Executive Director, PSSAM


The Public School Superintendents’ Association of Maryland (PSSAM), on behalf of all twenty-four public school superintendents, supports Senate Bill 394.

House Bill 394 would add an active, certified principal to the Maryland State Board of Education (MSDE). This bill would require a state-wide election to be held for all active and certified principals in the State, as well as require that the principal member who receives the highest number of votes be appointed to the vacancy by the Governor. Additionally, House Bill 394 provides parameters for the voting capacity and term length of the principal member.

PSSAM appreciates the goal of this legislation to allow for the appointment of a principal member to the Maryland State Board of Education. Maryland’s superintendents have found value in adequate representation of other populations through elections and appointments to the State Board, such as teacher and student members. PSSAM sees the language of this legislation as a natural extension of these populations, as well as a vehicle for adequate representation of school leadership on the Maryland State Board of Education, which is essential for equitable outcomes in education.

For these reasons, PSSAM supports Senate Bill 394 and urges a favorable committee report.



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