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"Talking Out of School Podcast" Episode 6: Superintendents Must Be Resilient

'A chat with Sean Bulson, superintendent of Harford County Public Schools in Maryland, about the importance of resiliency and how he stays energized in such a difficult profession.'

March 19, 2024


Dr. Sean Bulson, Maryland Superintendent of the Year, of Harford County Public Schools was recently featured on "Talking Out of School Podcast" hosted by Micah Ward and Matt Zalaznick. The conversation focuses on how important it is for district leaders to remain resilient through the challenges that come in the continuous ever shifting terrain of education.

Dr. Bulson is in his 6th year as Superintendent of Harford County Public Schools, in his 11th year overall. He shares advice with new and upcoming superintendent leadership on how to be effective while still making personal well-being a priority.

Photo features Maryland Superintendent of the Year for 2023, Dr. Sean Bulson from Harford County Public Schools.

Dr. Buslon is quoted as saying, "Superintendents are bombarded with a million things a day. It’s up to you as a leader to discern which are “the fire drills” and which aren’t. You learn how much to worry."

You can listen to the episode from "Talking Out of Schools" podcast anytime on Apple, Spotify, or Podbean.



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